Apple and Rain by @SarahCrossan – Book Review


Apple is 13 and she has been living with her grandmother since her mother left 11 years previously. Her father has a new wife and doesn’t see much of her, leaving Apple to dream about her mother returning one day. And she does. Apple is immediately drawn to her mother, who is young and fun and cool – completely the opposite to her grandmother who is strict and out of touch. Apple longs to live with her mother, but she soon finds out that sometimes you need to careful what you wish for, because people can be complicated and difficult.

The writing is this book draws you in. It is a straightforward read, told in Apple’s clear and engaging voice. Apple’s longing to be noticed by the handsome sixth former, to be claimed and loved by her mother and to have a reliable friend at school are easy to empathise with; as is her embarrassment at being treated so suffocatingly by her grandmother and her uncomfortable relationship with her father. The events in the book enable Apple to grow up and be more honest about her feelings and more realistic about the people around her. The use of poetry to explain feelings and emotions is beautifully done – both the use of known poems as well as Apple’s own writing. A lovely, gentle and honest book.


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