Insignia by S J Kincaid

In a dystopian future, WW3 is being played out, virtually, in space. Corporations control the planet and Tom, an insignificant boy with excellent gaming skills is chosen to work for the US government. Tom is no longer a nobody – he will be fighting the government’s virtual wars for them. It sounds like a fantastic escape from his miserable existence but things are never that simple and often there is a price to pay.


The concept of using virtual reality in future wars is interesting and fun too. Tom and his cohort take you on a fast paced adventure as they learn the rules of war. There is also plenty of conspiracy to keep the suspense going, whilst likeable characters and humour make it an enjoyable read. However the story line can be complicated and detailed, so this is not the book for those looking for a light read. It will suit science fiction and gaming/tech fans the most.

Insignia is the first book in a trilogy, it is followed by Vortex and Catalyst. The official book trailer for Insignia can be watched here.

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