Being Billy by Phil Earle

Billy is angry. He’s been in a care home for eight years and no one cares about him. Or is it that he won’t let them care?


The book captures so well the loneliness and unhappiness of feeling unwanted and of not belonging. If you met Billy down the street you probably wouldn’t like him but this story might help you to understand him and to see the whole of him. Billy has been dealt a difficult hand in life and his anger and aggression seem to doom him. However, there is hope for Billy, and it is that hope that makes the reader reflect and care and want so much more for Billy.

This is not a hard book to read but it is a difficult subject. A mature head will enable the reader to fully appreciate the story and to think about preconceptions and judgements that we have and make.

I loved the way this book took me out of my comfort zone and made me care about someone I would probably have crossed the street to avoid if I met him in real life.

Check out Phil Earle talking about the book here

If you enjoy this book, you can read about Billy’s friend Daisy in Saving Daisy..


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