I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

Noah and Jude are teenage twins. They are different and yet close. Noah stands out amongst his peers: he doesn’t quite fit in and he loses himself in his drawing. Jude fits right in and is an amazing surfer. Noah is drawn to boys and suffers from the perception of other teens as well as the fear of being targeted. Jude is so caught up in belonging with the “in” crowd that she loses sight of what is best for herself.


The book starts with Noah telling his story, aged 13. Jade also tells her story, but it’s three years later when we hear her side. In terms of the narrator and the time lapse, this  makes for an interesting read which slowly opens the readers eyes to the full picture go Noah and Jude’s story. Beautifully written, the  book explores the themes of loss, grief and love.

The book trailer can be watched here.

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