Competitions open to teenagers

The list below is not exhaustive but it does provide quite a few opportunities for creative teens. It is always worth checking out competitions local to your area too.

Creative Writing and Poetry

Amnesty International  short story competition on the theme of “Borders”.
The competition is for original, unpublished, fictional stories written in English with a maximum of 1700 words. The theme of “Borders” can be set in any place or time. Closing date 10/12/17. Age: 16+

People Not Borders poem/short story/artwork to explore imaginatively what it’s like to be a refugee. Closing date 10/12/17. Age: secondary school.

National Poetry Competition Closing date 31/10/17. Age 17+

Foyle Young Poets of the Year Opens March 2018 Age: 11-17

SLAMbassadors closed for 2017 so keep checking to see wham 2018 opens. Age: 12-18

Lancaster Writing Awards to recognise emerging critical and creative writing talent in literary Criticism, Fiction, Poetry, and our newly introduced category of Script and Screen Writing. Closing date: 28/2/18. Age: Year 12 and 13 students

Walter Scott Prize creative writing prize dedicated to historical fiction. Closing date 31/10/17. Age: 11-19

iYeats Poetry Competition Reopens in 2018 so keep a look out. Age: 16-25

Young Romantics Prize write your own poem on Liberty; or an essay, which can be on any aspect of the work or lives of the Romantics and their circles. Closing date 15/1/18. Age 16-18

Tower Poetry Reopening 2018 so keep a look out. Age: 16-18

Solstice Prize up to 40 lines of poetry or a short story of up to 1000 words on any subject for your chance. Reopening 2018 so keep a look out. Age: 10-17

Betjeman Poetry Prize Reopening January 2018. Age: 10-13

BBC Young Writers Reopening 2018 so keep a look out. Age: 14-18

Roundhouse Poetry Slam Reopening 2018 so keep a look out. Age: 16-25

Books to win

Penguin horror Closing date 31/10/17

£1,000 Book bursary Closing date 19/10/17. Age: 6th form



Photography Closing date 1/4/18. Age: 12-19

Rotary Youth Competitions – photography/creative writing/speaking and presentation. Check site for full details

Poetry by Heart Closing date: 18/12/17 Age: in school

The Young Historian Award check website for full details. Age: under 16





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