Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

The story follows Simon and his group of friends and peers as they struggle with friendships and relationships, school plays, families and who they are. Simon is gay but he hasn’t told anyone yet. Except for the boy he emails. He knows the boy is in his school and in his year but he doesn’t know who he is. As Simon gets to know the other boy online, he starts to fall in love with him and longs to meet him but the other boy is scared to come out publicly. When another boy in his year discovers Simon’s emails, Simon has to make a decision about being honest about who he is.

This is such a good read. Simon recounts the story and he is so likeable and so believable. His story, his feelings and his struggles, along with those of his peer group, are honest, funny, awkward and entertaining. There is a good balance between Simon’s own story and those of his friends so that the reader gets a good feel for his peer group and how Simon fits in with them. Like Simon, the reader wonders who the mysterious email writer is and whether he and Simon will get a shot a relationship. You won’t be able to stop rooting for Simon and empathising for him.

The book has been made into a film which is is planned for released in 2018.


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