Seed by LIsa Heathfield

Pearl is 15 and lives in a small community known as Seed. She does not venture into the outside world because all is perfect in Seed. They have an amazing leader called Papa S and they live in tune with nature. She has two friends around her age, Kate and Jack. They don’t know who their mothers are because that is not important; they live as one big communal family and they support each other and follow the edicts of Papa S – edicts that he receives from nature itself. Life is carefree and beautiful. However, when a mother and her young daughter, Sophie, and sixteen year old son, Ellis join the community from the outside world, Kate finds herself questioning her life, her community and her beliefs.

A powerful tale about the way cults can operate. Behind all the beauty of nature and the support of communal life, there is a darkness where elders abuse their power and knowledge and where fear controls the members of the community. Slowly the story reveals the dark secrets of the community, although Pearl is slower to pick up on what is going on around her – so many times you want to put your hand into the book and shake her, make her see the real truth. However tragedy has to prevail before Pearl truly understand that her life is built on a lie. A shocking and sad tale that haunts you for a long time after you shut the book. Suitable for mature readers.

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