Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell

Sophie was only one year old when she was plucked from the sea by Charles, both of them survivors of a ship sinking at sea. Charles knows nothing about children but he knows he wants to keep Sophie. It is an unconventional set-up which horrifies those in authority and, inevitably, a decision is made that Sophie should be taken from Charles. The thought of being parted is too difficult to contemplate and, buoyed by Sophie’s belief that her mother is alive and living in Paris, they escape across the Channel. As they try to find Sophie’s mother, they meet the Rooftoppers – children who have made their homes high up above the streets of Paris.

A gentle story about love and goodness as opposed to structure and convention. This is a story which encourages you to dream and imagine and to get lost in words. All books have words, phrases and sentences – but the words, phrases and sentences in Roftoppers have been crafted to perfection. There are descriptions to marvel at; one tiny example to whet your appetite is the description of Sophie’s hair as “the colour of lightning”. If Rooftoppers were a painting, you would want to sit and stare at it and drink it in all day. Perfect for lovers of words and perfect for inspiring a love of words.

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