Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz

There are a total of eleven books in this series which is an action-packed James Bond style series for younger teenagers. Below is the list of books in order and a review of the prequel, Russian Roulette.

Book 1: Stormbreaker
Book 2: Point Blanc
Book 3: Skeleton Key
Book 4: Eagle Strike
Book 5: Scorpia
Book 6: Ark Angel
Book 7: Snakehead
Book 8: Crocodile Tears
Book 9: Scorpia Rising
Book 10: Russian Roulette (prequel)
Book 11: Never Say Die (published June 2017)

Some of the books in the series are available as graphic novels which may appeal to readers who struggle with too much writing or long chapters.

Russian Roulette

This book is a part of the Alex Rider series and it tells the story of Yassen Gregorovich. Yassen relates the events that led him to become a cold blooded and efficient assassin. The book is a prequel to the series but needs to be read after the first nine books so that you do not lose any of the suspense and excitement of Alex’s adventures. Yassen’s life is one of loss and loneliness, brutality and fear, unhappiness and determination and makes for an interesting read.

The book provides an interesting background to the Alex Rider series and provides a fuller picture of Yassen Gregorovich, making him more human and also more frightening. The author paints a vivid and fascinating picture of Yassen’s childhood in Russia and also of the other countries that Yassen visits on the way to becoming Alex’s arch enemy. Overall the book is a straightforward read with plenty of action and adventure and will be a delight for Alex Rider fans.

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