Remix by Non Pratt

It is the summer after GCSE’s and both Kaz and Ruby are suffering from broken hearts. Kaz was dumped by Tom, her boyfriend of nine months who she has loved for years, and Ruby is still trying to cope after discovering that Stu cheated on her. A weekend at a music festival should provide the ideal break – three days to get away from it all and move on. Except nothing is ever so simple and at the festival the girls find themselves bumping into Tom and Stu as well resulting in a whole host of restless feelings and memories placing a strain on their friendship. Is three days enough to face and overcome their problems?

Against the interesting backdrop of a musical festival, Kaz and Ruby tell the story of three days that test their friendship and make them question their feelings and their own behaviour. This is an enjoyable story about love and feelings, about how difficult it is to be cut and dried about how you feel about someone and what the right thing to do is. Ultimately no relationship is the same and, whilst standing in judgment of people is easy to do, it isn’t always the best thing to do. There are no easy answers in Kaz and Ruby’s story which makes the book believable and true to life and very enjoyable to read. If you are recommending this book, be aware that in her writing, Non Pratt is honest and upfront about teenagers, their relationships, their sex lives and their drinking habits. She has also written a book whose characters are refreshing in their diversity – without making this the point of the story.

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