Remembrance by Theresa Breslin

In a small Scottish village, five young people follow the events across the channel as WW1 becomes a longer and more destructive war than anyone expected. In the large house in the village, Francis is an intellectual who opposes the war whilst his sister Charlotte is gentle and has been brought up in a genteel and protected environment. In the village shop John Malcolm falls in love with Charlotte and with the idea of being a hero in the war, his twin sister Maggie feels stifled and restricted and their younger brother Alex wishes he was old enough to enlist. By the end of the war life has changed and scarred them all.

A fascinating insight into life during WW1 and its effect on communities, society, the women who stayed at home and the men who fought in the War. Readers will learn about the horror and suffering of the war but they will also learn about how the war brought changes to society and in particular to the role of woman. Beautifully told, with interesting characters who represent different viewpoints; the story also takes the time to tell readers about the effect of the war on the local populations in Belgium. An enjoyable read that provides an excellent overview to this historical period.

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