Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff

Mila and her dad set off to visit his old friend in the States. Before they leave they receive a phone call to say the friend has gone missing. Mila’s powers of observation are useful in helping her dad track down his friend and they also help Mila to put together a picture of this difficult and complicated person. However the journey also leads Mila to discover that grown ups do not always tell you the truth and they do not always know what they are doing.

An interesting and unusual story. Mila is likeable and her observations of people and their behaviour is fascinating and make you want to look at life more carefully. Meg Rosoff doesn’t wave a magic wand to make everything better, or even to create a clean, decisive end to the story. This book is true to life where nothing is simple, people are complicated and their relationships are confusing and difficult for outsiders to understand. Hugely enjoyable.

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