Noble Conflict by Malorie Blackman

Kas has always wanted to be a Guardian – to defend his land against the Insurgents. The destruction and havoc that they caused in their own lands must be kept at bay. Kas finds that he excels in his new role but his need to question what is going on around him leads him to uncover some uncomfortable truths. He is left wondering what, and who, he can believe in.

The best thing about Malorie Blackman’s books is that they challenge you – by that I mean not just the quality of the writing but the way she makes you think about all of your preconceptions. The bonus is that the books are hugely enjoyable too. Noble Conflict fits in with the dystopian genre – but it is so much more than that. You can enjoy the story – which is exciting and full of twists and unexpected turns – for itself but you can also stop and think about conflict and why it happens, why it carries on, who benefits from conflict and how reliable the historical record produced by the winning side can really be. I thoroughly enjoyed this book which is so relevant to our world today.

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