Mortal Chaos Series by Matt Dickinson

These three books take the chaos theory and put it into story form. The books follow the same format but each story is different and is a stand alone. What is special about these books is that the chapters are short and action packed – ideal for the reluctant reader or the reader who loses interest when faced with long paragraphs and a long story. However, they are equally appealing to good readers who like adventure and who enjoy working out the connections between all the different people and places.

Mortal Chaos Book 1

A butterfly scaring a rabbit in a wood in England has far reaching effects – as far as Malawi, America and Mount Everest. A quick and interesting read. Full of adventure and unexpected events. The short chapters make this a fairly easy read. The first chapter is the most descriptive. After that the book is full of action and the strands of everyone’s different lives are woven together – all resulting from the action of that one butterfly.


Mortal Chaos Book 2 – Deep Oblivion

A butterfly trapped in a half built building causes events to happen across the world – South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. This is even better than the first Mortal Chaos book. The action happens straight away and doesn’t stop. Life threatening and life changing events unfold worldwide in this well written, fast paced adventure.

Mortal Chaos Book 3 – Speed Freaks

Mortal Chaos In the mountains in Japan, a butterfly manages to avoid the net of a butterfly collector and the repercussions of this small action can be felt around the world. As events spiral out of control, more people are drawn in, some of whom will not survive. An exciting, fast paced adventure told in short, sharp chapters.

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