Magisterium: The Iron Trial by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Call has been brought up to distrust magic by his father. When he is picked to attend the Iron Trials at which the masters of magic chose which teenagers they will train, his father instructs him to fail. Despite all his efforts, Call finds himself in the Magisterium learning to make friends, learning to control and use magic and, more importantly, learning who he is and why his father is so frightened for him.

A fantasy book full of action and intrigue written jointly by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. As the main character, Call is interesting, fun and dangerous – he has a damaged leg and has grown up being bullied and teased. As a result he is quick to take offense, quick to trade insults and happy to push boundaries. The ending of the book leaves the reader on a cliff edge, not daring to imagine what might happen next. An exciting read.

This is the first book in a planned five book series. The second book is The Copper Gauntlet and it is followed by The Bronze Key. The fourth book is set to be published in the UK in October 2017 and is called The Silver Mask.

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