Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner

Standish Treadwell lives in a zone 7 of the Motherland. It’s a hard life and he doesn’t fit in. The Motherland doesn’t want people like Standish or his family – they don’t belong. All the Motherland wants is to land astronauts on the moon. Then Standish makes a friend, Hector, and life seems better. Until Hector goes over the wall at the end of the garden and discovers what the Motherland is really up to.

This book is unusual, imaginative and enticing. Standish tells the story is his eloquent and individual style. He jumps back and forth in the timeline and slowly the real picture of his life and the frightening world he lives in emerges. Some paragraphs are short and some are long, language is descriptive and sometimes used in unusual ways – all reflecting Standish’s special way of thinking. The story line is excellent and adventurous and Standish is an amazing character. If every day-dreaming child who lives in their dreams and forgets to listen in class could read this book and find the Standish in them it would be fantastic.

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