Lost Worlds by Andrew Lane

Calum Challenger is a wealthy teenager, crippled in a car accident that also left him an orphan. He has spent his time concentrating his intelligence and energy into discovering new species in the world – species that have been forgotten, overlooked or never found before. A chance meeting with a number of other teenagers – a free runner and a computer hacker – along with the discovery of a sighting of the descendants of Neanderthal man in Georgia (ex-soviet Republic Georgia) sets him on a mission to discover whether the sighting is real. A couple more misfits join the expedition which becomes increasingly dangerous as a mysterious company tries to destroy their work.

The book is primarily an adventure book based around an expedition to discover the whereabouts of mythical creatures. However, the author includes interesting characters who introduce readers to their world of free running or computer hacking or technology or living with a disability or survival. The setting in Georgia is also unusual and interesting. This is not a difficult read and the plot is straightforward, even simplistic at times and it is therefore unlikely to be challenging enough for advanced readers. It will appeal mostly to readers of both sexes who enjoy quick reads with plenty of adventure. As a first book in the series, a number of questions are left unanswered and the promise of a further expedition is already lined up. The second book in the series, Shadow Creatures, was published in 2014.

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