Lorali by Laura Dockrill

When Rory finds a naked girl washed up on the sea shore in Hastings on his sixteenth birthday, he doesn’t realise how her appearance is going to change his life. Lorali is a mermaid who has chosen to become human and live on land. As Rory finds himself captivated by the beautiful girl; he tries to understand her and to help her settle in to life on land. However, her loss is felt deeply under the sea and her mother is frantically trying to track her down with the aid of anyone who will help – even pirates.

A tale of adventure, fantasy and love. The world and life of the mermaids is fascinating and fun, whilst the pirates are bad boys on the sea – some more bad and definitely more unpleasant than others. The story is told from a number of different angles and at first this can be confusing until the story lines all pull together. Whilst Lorali and Rory are the main characters in the story, there are plenty of interesting and unusual supporting characters who make appearances throughout. A fun and unusual read.

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