The Summer I Turned Pretty Series by Jenny Han

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Belly and her family have spent their summer holidays with her mother’s best friend, Susannah, and her two boys Conrad and Jeremiah for as long as Belly can remember. And for as long as Belly can remember she has been in love with Conrad, the beautiful and unattainable older brother. This summer Belly is sixteen and she believes that finally the boys will treat as an adult and not just a younger sister. Belly is right about this but Conrad seems caught up in issues of his own and it seems that Belly will never fully get his attention.

An enjoyable read full of the promise of young love and the heartbreak it can bring. As summer draws to a close Belly can feel her hope slipping away and the readers feel for her. Whilst she is wrapped up in herself and her desires, the flashbacks to her earlier summers with the boys enable the readers to understand just why she feels so strongly about Conrad and why loving him is so all consuming.

It’s Not Summer Without You


In the second book of the series, Belly has to face up to the fact that life has moved on, summer is over and changes are happening. She finds herself having to choose between the two brothers she has spent every summer with. Conrad is her great love but he is away at college and always slipping out of reach. Jeremiah is her greatest friend, the boy she feels safe and comfortable with.

The book is recounted partly by Belly and partly by Jeremiah so that the reader gains a better knowledge of the way the brothers feel about Belly. It is a fun and enjoyable read, full of emotion, happiness, confusion and sadness. An easy read and an enjoyable romance, leaving you torn as to what Belly should do and whether she is making the right decision.

We’ll Always Have Summer


The final book in the series sees Belly having to make some long term decisions about her relationship with Jeremiah. Is safe, loving and comfortable good enough or does she still long for Conrad? And how does he feel about her after all this time?

In this book the story is recounted from Belly and Conrad’s point of view and it is the first time that Conrad really, fully comes alive on the page. The reader finally gains some insight into his behavior and his feelings. The story is full of love, heartbreak, betrayal and hope and the reader can feel quite wrung out by the end. Enjoyable and fun, but definitely an emotional rollercoaster.

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