Itch Rocks by Simon Mayo

There are three books in this series: Itch: The Explosive Adventures of an Element Hunter, Itch Rocks and Itchcraft. This reviews is about the second book in the series, and whilst you do not need to read the first book in order to work out what is happening, it is worth starting your reading at the beginning of the series.

Having experienced a traumatic and life threatening adventure in Book 1, Itch is now back at home and at school. However, life is not back on track. His every movement is tracked by his protection squad and Element 126 still exists and is still of interest to too many threatening people. Itch finds himself drawn into another adventure as he tries to keep the 126 out of the wrong hands.

A book for adventure lovers. This is a straightforward read and the story has a fast pace: there are very few quiet moments in this story. If you find science and elements interesting, then there is added fun – but you don’t have to be a science lover to enjoy this story.

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