How to be Bad by E. Lockhart, L. Myracle, S.Mlynowski

Three girls with three different problems. Jesse is righteous and religious and is struggling to cope with her mother’s cancer. Vicks appears tough and independent but is struggling to cope with her boyfriend’s absence and silence. Mel is a rich girl longing to escape her family and find some true friends. All three want to escape and a road trip seems to be the ideal solution. Along the way the girls learn to accept each other and to accept themselves too.

Breaking away from what they know and from what is expected of them gives Jesse, Vicks and Mel the opportunity to question their own behaviour, their friendship and their problems. Each character is written by a different author, giving them a distinct voice. Jesse is written by Lauren Myracle, Vicks by E Lockhart and Mel by Sarah Mlynowski. This is a light, funny and easy read; yet there is more to this book than just fun. The girls go on a literal and figurative journey and there is plenty to think about – Jesse’s righteous and judgemental behaviour, Vicks’ fear of getting hurt and Mel’s desperation for friendship. An interesting and enjoyable read.

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