Ghost Hawk by Susan Cooper

Little Hawk is brought up learning the ways of his people and, when he is eleven, he is sent out to fend for himself for three months after which he will return to his community and family as a man. However, the world around Little Hawk is changing. White men have started settling in the area. One man is Benjamin Wakelely and Little Hawk meets his young son, John. Unknown to the two boys, their lives and futures are to become entwined.

A fascinating book, which introduces readers to an era in history that few are likely to be familiar with: the settlement of the whites in America and the impact this had on the local Indian populations. However, the reader does not need to have an interest in this period of history to enjoy the story as it is a well written and absorbing adventure. The first part of the book concentrates on the ways, customs and beliefs of Little Hawk’s people. It is the stronger part of the story and events are beautifully described so that the reader becomes engrossed in the story and the characters. Whilst it is not a true story, it has some real historical characters in it and readers are able to gain an insight into life at the time.

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