Flip by Martyn Bedford

Alex wakes up trapped in the body of Philip – a boy who was born on the same day as him but who lives miles away and is very different to him. Alex was studious and musical and didn’t have many friends whilst Philip is sporty, not very academic and has two girlfriends! How did it happen and how can he convince people that he is Alex and not Philip? And how can he get back to his real body and his old life?

The book plays on the frustration Alex feels as everyone accepts him as Philip just because he looks and sounds the same as Philip did, even though he is a different character and doesn’t have Philip’s sporting skills or even his taste in food. Although being Philip has its plus points – when would Alex have such attractive girls interested in him?

An interesting concept which is well written. The story moves as a good pace, and the reader is left guessing till the end as to what Alex will decide: accept his new life or do anything to get his old life back?

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