Faking Perfect by Rebecca Phillips

Lexi is in her senior year in high school and she is determined to present a perfect image; an image that will keep her in the popular crowd and friends with perfect and unobtainable Ben. The trouble is Lexi and her home life are far from perfect. Her mother drinks too much and has inappropriate relationships, her father is absent and Lexi herself smokes and is in a secret relationship with the school bad boy, Tyler. With graduation almost in sight, Lexi’s world starts to come apart: Ben asks her out, her father reappears in her life and Tyler is dissatisfied with their purely physical relationship.

A high school romance which looks at image and the desire to be popular and perfect in the eyes of one’s peers. Lexi discovers that perfection is not always what it seems and being true to yourself and to the people who care about you is perhaps more important. This is an enjoyable, light read and, although in some ways the story line is predicable, there is depth to it. Lexi’s characters is well drawn, although the other supporting characters are treated with less depth, particularly Tyler, which is a bit frustrating. There is a fair amount of casual sex and some drug references (mostly weed). A light, fun and enjoyable high school romance with a bit more to offer – however, for more depth of storyline and character try Gayle Forman, Rainbow Rowell or Sarra Manning.

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