Echo Boy by Matt Haig

Audrey lives in a dystopian future. The world has been devastated by climate change but technology has enabled people to achieve more that it is possible to imagine. Robots are commonplace, as are ECHO’s – machines built to serve and created in the image of humans. Audrey’s father does not believe in many of these new ideas; he sees the danger of many of these inventions. It is only with reluctance that he accepts an ECHO into their home, although he ensures that it is not one developed by his brother’s successful company. Devastatingly, the Echo malfunctions and Audrey finds her parents murdered and is forced to find refuge with the uncle. As she comes to terms with her loss she starts to question who was really behind her parents’ murder.

This book will fascinate readers who enjoy imagining future worlds. The effects of global warming are described in a detail, as are the inventions that have changed the way people live, work and study. Equally, the morality of some of these developments are raised as are the dangers of machines becoming powerful enough to make their own decisions, and even to have feelings. The story is full of action and also has a gentle love element to it.

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