Bubble Wrap Boy by Phil Earle

Charlie Han is short and clumsy and desperate to find something he is good at. That is easier said then done – so far all his attempts have failed and his mother is so overprotective that he is hardly allowed to do anything. When he discovers skateboarding, he knows it is the thing for him but his mother thinks differently. He cannot understand her paranoia and neither can he understand the behaviour of his dad or his friend, Sinus. Charlie has to learn to fight for what he wants, but also to take the time to understand the people around him.

This book is written in a very chatty style. Charlie talks to the reader as if they are his friend. At the beginning this can be confusing as the reader is pulled straight into the story – bear with it as everything soon falls into place.

Charlie is a bright boy with a wide vocabulary and he likes to make puns and tell jokes. This lighthearted way of talking is his way of coping with an unhappy time at school and a suffocating, but loving, mother. What at first appears to be a slapstick story, develops into something much deeper as Charlie discovers the reason for his mother’s behaviour and as he comes to understand what motivates his friend, Sinus. Ultimately this is a feel good book, but along the way the reader is given a lot to think about.


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