To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Lara Jean is almost seventeen. She has never had a boyfriend but she has been in love. Five times. Each time her love is over, she writes a letter to the boy telling him how she has felt. She puts the letter in an envelope, addresses it and then hides it in her secret place. Except somehow the letters get sent out and Lara Jean is mortified. Suddenly her feelings are no longer hidden or imaginary; they are on show and Lara Jean finds herself having to deal with the reality of love and boyfriends.

I loved the title but I wasn’t sure what to expect from the book. What I found was a delightful and fun romance. Lara Jean is is a quirky character and the story is not so much about her letters but about her journey from a girl who loves in private and in her head, to a girl who has the chance for a real relationship. The awkwardness of new relationships, the minefield of maintaining a social life in high school when you are not the most confident person and the simple pleasures of getting to know someone as a person and not as their persona is all here. However, this is not a deep and meaningful read, it is an easy enjoyable read, maybe a bit twee in places but mostly good fun. Lara Jean is half Korean and this adds a dash of welcome diversity to this romance. This book put me in such a good mood.


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