The Hit by Allen Zadoff (previously called Boy Nobody)

His parents were killed for being traitors and he has been trained to be a patriot, to rid his country of traitors. He shows no mercy and has no feelings. He is a machine. And he is only 16. Each assignment confirms his allegiance to the cause and strengthens him – until he is set an assignment in New York. Suddenly he finds he does have feelings and thoughts and doubts and he struggles to complete his task…

The writing style in the book is very clipped and very bare and this emphasises the fact that the main character is an emotionless and cold killer. This is a book for lovers of espionage and adventure and mystery but perhaps not for those seeking a little bit of caring and romance. The story line is good and it never seems quite clear who is right and who is wrong so that the suspense remains till the end. The doubts that surface in the teen killing machine make him more human as the story develops and indicate that this may be a series where the character may become than just a killer who follows instructions.

There are two more books published in the series: The Mission and The Traitor.


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