Bodyguard: Hostage by Chris Bradford

With the increasing risk of kidnap, terrorism and assassination faced by younger people, a security company aimed at protecting children has been created. The company differentiates itself by providing teenage bodyguards to protect its young clients. Connor has been chosen to train as one of their bodyguards and, whilst he finds it tough, he loves it. Before he has had time to adjust to his new life he is picked to act as a bodyguard for Alicia, the daughter of the President of the United States of America. Connor has to use all his training, his wits and his natural instincts as he tries to protect Alicia from the dangers she refuses to acknowledge….

A brilliant idea, a brilliant story and brilliant fun. The book is fast paced, interesting and believable. It will appeal to all readers and will prove a success with those readers who often find it hard to stay engrossed in a story.

This is the first book in the series. Four more books have been published and a fifth book is to be published in the UK on 4/5/17.

Chris Bradford has created an informative website for his Bodyguard series, you can also check out full website here, which has information on the other books he has written, including the popular Young Samurai series.

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