Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Amy’s mother has decided to move across America after Amy’s dad died in a car accident, leaving Amy in the empty family home as it waits to be sold. Amy is full of hurt, guilt and anger and, when her mother phones her to say that Amy needs to join her and that she needs to bring the family car with her, Amy gives in and accepts. Amy’s mother knows that Amy won’t drive so she organises for Roger, her friend’s son to drive Amy on a four day trip which is carefully planned and organised. As the trip gets underway, Amy realises that Roger has issues of his own and both of them realise that they aren’t ready to drive the tightly organised route planned by Amy’s mother. A small detour becomes a rather grand detour, and provides both Amy and Roger with the opportunity to face their demons and learn more about each other,

A road trip provides the backdrop against which this young couple face their problems and learn to let go of their demons. It is a contented (rather than passionate) love story and both characters are likeable and realistic. The pace of the book is fairly gentle, following the flow of the road trip and it is an easy read. Equally, the love element develops slowly, subtlety and comfortably. The story is packed with information about the States they drive through and the places they visit and the music playlists they listen to are included for the reader to check out.


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