All Sorts of Possible by Rupert Wallis

As Daniel and his dad set off on a camping trip, their car falls into a sink hole. Miraculously, Daniel survives but his father is left in a coma. Facing the severity of his father’s injuries is hard enough, but life is made complicated further for Daniel when a local gangster, Mason, decides that Daniel’s miracle escape has given him special powers that Mason can manipulate.

A book that looks at a number of issues – survivor’s guilt, the sadness of seeing a loved one in a coma and having to let them go, the meaning of a miracle and the complications of family dynamics. The story is an adventure with fantasy and mystery woven into it, but is also emotive and thought provoking. The author makes reference to his earlier book, The Dark Inside, with the central character from that book (James) now grown up and a doctor in the hospital where Daniel’s dad is kept. Whilst the story is sad, it is also provides a positive view of the need to accept life for what it is rather than trying to cheat it and hope for miracles.

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