Boys Don’t Cry by @malorieblackman

If you are looking for a good book, check this one out. It’s not just new releases that are relevant and interesting and a great read.

Dante is set to start his future – A level grades in hand he is going off to university. He’s going to escape his home town and make a life for himself. A good life.

Then Melanie, his old girlfriend, turns up. He hasn’t seen her for about 18 months and there she is, on his doorstep, with a baby in tow. Suddenly university is a dream slipping out of reach; he’s tied to the house and a baby he doesn’t know how to look after.

Boy’s Don’t Cry follows Dante as he learns to accept and then embrace his new future. But this is more than Dante’s story. It is the story of his family – of his brother Adam who narrates small parts of the story – and whose story will have a profound impact on the reader. Adam is out and proud and lives life to the full. At sixteen he plans to be an actor. By the end of the book, cowardice and betrayal have put his life on hold.

Adam and Dante live with their Dad. He’s a good Dad – solid, dependable and tightlipped about when it comes to emotions. He has brought the boys up to be strong and to live by the motto that boys don’t cry. But they do. They cry and they hurt. And it would take a hard hearted reader not to cry and hurt along with them too.

I thought I would find the story interesting, what I didn’t expect was to be engrossed in it and to empathise wight he characters so much. This is the strength of the book. My life is so far removed from that of Dante, Adam and their dad and yet Malorie Blackman has written the story in such a way that I felt like I was there, with them, I worried for them and about them and I longed for them to be happy. You will have to read the book to find out if they find the happiness they deserve.



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