Walk the Edge by @KatieMcGarry

This is the second book in the Thunder Road series. Nowhere But Here started off this teen romance series set around a motorcycle club. It followed the story of Emily and Oz and introduced us to Oz’s two friends, Razor and Chevy. Walk the Edge is Razor’s story.

Razor is a bad boy. He’s in the Reign of Terror motorcycle cub and he is unpredictable. Breanna is a good girl. She’s clever, well-behaved and responsible. One evening Breanna and Razor start talking and they recognise things in each other that they respect and like. A tentative friendship develops into more – but it is a more that is unacceptable to Breanna’s family. They don’t want Breanna near a member of a motorcycle club, and certainly not near Razor.

For his part, Razor has demons to fight. His life has been overshadowed by his mother’s death and his loss of faith in his father. He doesn’t know quite what to believe and who to trust. What he does know is that he needs Breanna,

As in Nowhere But Here, the author presents a picture of a motorcycle cub, which is frightening to outsiders but provides a support system for its members. It is a large family rather than an illegal and violent group. Razor is wild and unpredictable, but he is also kind, reliable and clever. Breanna, for her part, is more than just a well-behaved clever girl and the reader learns about her struggle to find her place in school and in her large family. Neither character is perfect but they are both real. The story is told alternately by Breanna and Razor giving the reader the opportunity to get into their heads and understand their feelings and their fears.

This is not just a love story, but it is a story filled with emotion. Deceit, dishonesty, family issues and hidden secrets make the story more interesting and fascinating. The author is honest about they type of relationship a seventeen year old and an eighteen year old are likely to have but she is very clear to support the idea of sex needing to be part of a relationship, and needing to have meaning.

The next book in the series, Long Way Home, is Chaz’s story and is due to be published in the UK at the end of January 2017.

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