Pushing the Limits by @KatieMcGarry


This is an eight book series, and Pushing the Limits is the first book in the series.

Echo cannot remember the night her life was destroyed but she is struggling to cope with the fall out. From being popular at school she now avoids people and hides away. Then her counselor asks her to tutor Noah. He has his own dark secrets and is so very different to Echo. Yet somehow they come to understand each other and to need each other.

The story is told alternately by Echo and Noah as both teenagers struggle to come to terms with their pasts and try to make a future for themselves. Both their background stories are tough and difficult and Noah has experienced the bad side of foster care. The book is about their love but it also depicts very clearly the problems of dysfunctional families and the dangers of emotional scars. This is not a light hearted romance, it is a tough, realistic read full of anger, despair and hurt but also hope. It is a compelling and powerful but readers have to be comfortable with its mature content and the repeated use of swear words.

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