The Sun is Also a Star by @NicolaYoon

Hopeless romantics everywhere – this is the book for you. Actually, even sceptics, this is the book for you – because this is more than just a book about love. It gives you a lovely warm feeling and it tells you so much about other people’s lives. Pick it up and get lost in it.

Natasha is an undocumented immigrant in New York and she is about to be deported back to Jamaica. She only has one day left. One day in which to try to stop the deportation. One day in which to change her destiny.

Daniel has an interview for Yale to start on his journey to be a doctor and fulfil the aspirations of his Korean parents. He has a few hours to kill before his date with destiny.

Then Natasha and Daniel meet and their destinies intertwine.

The story is told alternately by Natasha and Daniel, interspersed with asides that fill in the background of some of the secondary characters or that discuss the meaning of love or a multitude of other issues that are fascinating.

Natasha and Daniel are interesting characters – not perfect, but human, and you can’t help feeling they would be fun to know. And because of that you root for them and you want to know their story.

This is a book of romance and love and, at times, it gets a bit sappy but mostly it is fun, and warm and interesting. The back stories of the secondary characters, and Natasha and Daniel’s life stories, provide plenty of issues to think about – immigration, fitting in, destinies, dreams, loneliness, relationships and more.



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