Heroic by Phil Earle

If you are 13+ and looking for a book to read, pick this book up. It deserves to be read. The book will appeal to teenagers who come from tough areas and think they have no future but it will also appeal to teenagers who have a comfortable life but want to know and understand the world they live in. Heroic is a book about the complicated ways families work, the strength and importance of friendship, the devastating effect of war on lives, the struggles of ordinary lives. The language is fantastic, so many times I thought “Gosh, I wish I’d thought of that’. You will too.

Synopsis: Sonny is 16 and thoughtless and his brother Jamm has always had to look out for him. However, since Jamm signed up to fight in Afghanistan, Sonny has had to cope on his own. And Sonny’s not coping that well. When Jamm comes back from Afghanistan a hero, Sonny can’t help feeling jealous. But he’s scared too – because something is wrong and Jamm needs help. It’s time for Sonny to step up.

If you would like to read an interview with Phil Earle about Heroic in The Guardian click here.



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