The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan

Kasienka and her mother leave Poland to search for her father in Coventry. They end up living in a grotty bedsit and Kasienka has to deal with a new country, a new school, bullies and her mother’s determination to find Kasienka’s father, even though it seems obvious that he doesn’t want to be found. It’s a heavy weight to carry.

This book is easy to read. It is written in verse, with sparse language and is relatively short. Don’t be put off by the use of verse – the language is straightforward and it is written in an engaging tone. The plot is also simple – coping in a new country, dealing with bullies, finding the strength to overcome life’s difficulties and growing up – and is very moving and poignant. The book gives an insight into what life is like for people arriving in a foreign country with the hope of making a new life for themselves. However it is the depiction of teen girl bullying and the negative effect that small acts of unkindness can have on people that is truly fantastic.


  1. […] The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan – written in verse, this book is about Kasienka and how she copes with the bullying handed out to her at her senior school. The language is straightforward and the tone engaging and readers find themselves reading the verse with ease. A lovely example of how simple it can be to read and enjoy poetry. Also check out the highly awarded book ‘One’ by Sarah Crossan. […]


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