Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie

This book describes an amazing world and raises questions about whether perfection is worth achieving if it means giving up freedom and choice. The story can be a bit slow at times – this is not a book for those who need to read fast moving adventures. However, it is thoughtful, thought provoking and well written.

Matched – Book 1 -Cassie’s world is a very controlled one. Society decides who you marry, where you work, what you do. At 17 she is ‘matched’ with Xander but then she starts having feelings for Ky. Is her ordered and perfect society really that good? Should she be able to make her own choices?

Crossed – Book 2 – Cassie has set off in search of Ky, who is fighting for survival in the Outer Provinces. Will they meet up and where is the rebellion? The idea of an ordered and utopian world is fascinating but it is sometimes hard to believe in the passion between Cassie and Ky.

Reached – Book 3 – The Rising is happening and Xander, Ky and Cassia are all involved. However things are not straightforward – who is responsible for the plague and can it really be cured. More worryingly – is the new regime any better than the old one and where will they fit in? This book is the hardest of the three to read because the action takes a while to get going and there is little interaction between the three main characters who are stationed in different places. Eventually the action starts and events unfold quickly. The conclusion is satisfying with everyone accounted for. Not an easy read – you need to concentrate and stick with it.



  1. […] Matched series by Allie Condie – this trilogy is set in a future dystopian world where access to poetry is limited to 100 approved poems. The character in the book accesses some of the banned poems are readers are introduced to ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’ by Dylan Thomas and ‘Crossing the Bar’ by Tennyson. The importance and beauty and power of words is emphasised by the way in which this future society controls what its subjects can read. […]


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