Dustlands Trilogy by Moira Young

The three books in the series are Blood Red Road (winner of the Costa Children’s Book Award 2011), Rebel Heart and Raging Star. The books are set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future where water is scarce and society has broken down. An enjoyable and exciting read.

The writing style might throw you at first but it is well worth persevering. The pace is fast and the characters believable and captivating; heroic yet flawed. There is adventure and romance that leaves you wanting to know what happens next – it is good to read a book where things don’t always go the way you want them to.

The final book in the series starts slowly but readers need to persevere as the story builds up with plenty of action and adventure. The plot culminates in an unexpected, dramatic and powerful ending which will take readers by surprise.

dustBlood Red Road: A compelling adventure set in a despoiled future world. Saba’s twin is kidnapped and she is determined to find him – but first she needs to find out who has taken him and why. As she sets off on her adventures, she learns more about herself and her desires than she expected.

rebelRebel Heart: The characters search for a new life in better lands but things don’t go to plan. The book follows their adventures as they fight to stay together and alive. Saba finds she doesn’t know whom to trust.

ragingRaging Star: Saba is leading her band of rebels, trying to destroy DeMalo and his evil empire. She struggles with her role and with the decisions she has to make about how to carry out their rebellion. She also
has secrets to keep whilst, at the same time, someone in the group wants to betray her.


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