Split Second Series by Sophie McKenzie

Book One – Split Second

Life is tough; people have lost their jobs, food is scarce and expensive and extremist groups are on the the rise. Then Charlie’s mum dies in a terrorist blast in London and she finds it hard to forgive and move on. When her uncle takes her in and she starts at a new school, she discovers that one of her classmates, Nat, has a brother who was caught up in the blast. Can Charlie trust Nat or was he involved in the bombing? Or is he determined to get revenge to the bombers too?

A fast moving action story with Charlie and Nat having to make quick and emotional decisions: decisions which are not always the right ones. There is a bit of romance as they struggle with the attraction they feel for each other, but life is too complicated for them to just have a nice simple romance. The characters are real and believable and the story is enjoyable. More books to follow as Charlie and Nat haven’t finished their adventure by the time you turn the last page.

Book Two – Every Second Counts

Charlie and Nat are on the run. They need to find evidence to prove that Roman Riley is behind all the terrorist bombings but he is a careful, clever and powerful man. Charlie decides that she can become part of Riley’s inner circle whilst Nat is not convinced. However, his focus is diverted when he discovers that his twin sister, Jas, is being held prisoner by Riley. The two teenagers fight hard to save the people they love and expose Riley’s scheming but he always seems to be one step ahead of them.

A full on adventure book with plenty of action and twists and turns to keep you guessing as to who Charlie and Nat can trust and whether they will succeed in bringing justice to bear. The characters in the book are believable and interesting – passionate, quick to judge others, naive and determined. I love the fact that Nat doesn’t rate his sister’s boyfriend! An enjoyable, fun rollercoaster of a read.

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