Silent Saturdays: Forbidden Spaces Trilogy by Helen Grant

Veerle is 17 and life in suburban Brussels is pretty dull, especially since her mother is frightened by the world outside their door. One night Veerle decides to investigate a light shining in an abandoned castle and she meets Kris. He introduces her to a secret society which shares information about unoccupied buildings so that they can break in and use the facilities. Veerle joins Kris on his adventures and life becomes more exciting – but also more dangerous….

It’s hard to find good teen horror books and Silent Saturdays is aimed at this market. It is scary – murders are being carried out and there is a fair amount of blood and cruelty. However, the book somehow fails to create the tense atmosphere that a truly good horror book should have. There is a lot going on in the book – Veerle’s past, her relationship with Kris, her relationship with her mother and absent father, Kris’ past relationships, the whereabouts of Kris’ old girlfriend and the murders that keep taking place. This book does not provide all the answers and perhaps the next two books in the series will provde a better atmosphere and a more compelling story line.

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