YA Books into Films

Ideas for a display – questions you can ask:

  • A lot of books have their film rights bought but are never made into films – which books do you think should be made into films?
  • Some films have names that do not match the books – can you match them up (Q&A/Slumdog Millionaire, Madame Doubtfire/Mrs Doubtfire, The Sheep Pig/Babe, Homeward Bound/The Incredible Journey)
  • Which is better – the film or the book?
  • Which films did not stay true to the book they were based on?
  • Did you know these films were based on books? (BuzzFeed provides a list here – not all YA)

Goodreads list of 99 teen books already adapted to film




The film Slumdog Millionaire is based on the book called Q&A by Vikas Swarup.

The Week article – cleverly disguised Shakespeare adaptations – I don’t recognise all the films but liked The Lion King connection! Here is another list.

Blog about successful YA books that only had one book turned into a film and the reason why.

Teenreads regular updates about books on screen.

Films coming out in 2016 listed here and here.

List from Time of 27 children’s books made into films – it includes some classics we sometimes overlook.


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