Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume


Margaret and her parents have moved out of New York to New Jersey. Life is different and she has to adapt to a new school and friends. Her confident classmate, Nancy, takes her under her wing and Margaret is soon settled in her group of friends. However, when you are eleven, things are not always so easy. There are boys to think about, and bras, and friends and getting your period. Margaret is also worried about religion. Everyone seems to have one, but her parents have decided to let her decide her own religion when she grows up. When she is on her own, Margaret talks to God about her worries and about wanting to grow up.


A gentle, straightforward read which paints a very real picture of all the worries that fill your mind when you are on the cusp of becoming a teenager; how important it is to appear grown up, to belong, to be normal! Although the book is a little dated (it was first published in 1970), it is still very relevant to life today. As well as identifying with Margaret’s worries, readers can learn from her as she realises that perhaps you shouldn’t believe everything some people tell you. An enjoyable book – funny and thought provoking.

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