Diversity – Sources of Information

Diversity is a big topic of conversation in the YA book market and it covers a number of issues: race, disability, religion, sexual preferences and mental issues are probably the main ones. Many authors, librarians, teachers and readers have commented on the need for diversity in YA literature. The importance of readers being able to see themselves, and all the people in their society, in the books they read cannot be underestimated. Books that embrace diversity can take two forms – those where the subject matter is about diversity itself or those that are primarily a romance book or an adventure book but happen to include characters (or a main protagonist) from diverse backgrounds. BT&M is strongly in favour of the second style of book and feels that YA books should be moving in this direction. Below are a list of resources abut diversity in YA books that can be used to create displays, to kick start discussions or to provide book recommendations.

The Guardian article on the best diverse books

We Need Diverse Books Campaign official site

Article (US based) on the need for more diversity in YA books

Book Riot recommending YA titles which support diversity (US based)

Booktrust interviews authors on diversity in YA books

Malorie Blackman on diversity in YA books

Guardian article on YA books with Muslim characters

Guardian article about characters with a disability in children’s books

Guardian article with Benjamin Zephaniah on diversity in children’s books

Malinda Lo blog with guide to LGBT YA books

Barnes and Noble list of YA books that include mental health issues


Scottish Book Trust recommends YA books covering mental health issues

Reading Well book list to help support teens with mental health issues

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