Book Covers – resources to help construct a book display

The saying is that you should never judge a book by its cover – but we do, all the time. The articles and links below demonstrate just how important book covers are and the effort that is put into them in order to attract readers. A display about book covers could be teamed with a competition to create your own book cover – templates for book covers can easily be found on the internet.

How a book cover is put together

Book covers that were swapped for the film poster when the film came out

School Library Journal – 20 unfortunate book covers

Gods and Warriors by Michelle Paver – different covers for different markets

The Importance of a Good Book Cover by Bali Rai

Maureen Johnson in the Huffington Post – What would famous book covers look like if they had been written by authors of the opposite sex?

Epic Reads – 29 Best Book Covers

Pub Crawl on why book covers aren’t the same in the US and the UK



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