A treasure hunt in the library

The idea of the treasure hunt is to make teens aware of the resources in the library and to introduce them to new books. The students start wth one clue in their hands, which leads them to a resource or book. There they will find a second clue and so on until they find the final answer/book and a note in it saying they have reached the end.

You need to consider the layout of your library and the resources and displays you have and try and include the majority of them in your treasure hunt. If you have a large number of students taking part in the treasure hunt at the same time you will need to lay different trails to avoid fighting over the clues or resources; preferably starting different groups off in different parts of the library.

Start with a straightforward clue – one they cannot get wrong. It is probably easier to start them with a book in the reference section – a dictionary (clue: you use me to find the meanings of words) or an atlas (clue: you use me to find where countries are). Clues should then lead on to audio books (clue: a book without pages) or DVD’s (clue: a story to watch) or magazines (clue: no hardbacks in this section) as well as fiction and fact books.

Suggested clues for fiction books are:

Harry Potter: read me if you are a muggle who likes wizards
Divergent: read me to find out which faction you belong to
Hunger Games: a book with twelve districts
Anne Frank’s Diary: I never knew how famous my diary would become
Call of the Wild: it’s a dog’s story, a classic
Noughts and Crosses: black is white and white is black
Out of Shadows: because of me, President Mugabe lives

If you search for ‘scavenger hunt’ and ‘teens’ and ‘libraries’ on the internet, a number of sites come up with ideas of how to run a successful treasure hunt in your library.

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