Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown


I just started my summer holiday and am finally tackling my TBR pile which has a huge backlog. I decided to start with Morning Star by Pierce Brown and, after a good few hours solid reading, I am sitting here, exhausted. But enthralled.

Morning Star is the final book in the Red Rising trilogy – a dystopian story set in a world where people have moved to live on Mars and society is divided by colour – each people have a colour and that colour denotes their role in life. The Golds rule, the Reds work, the Pinks provide pleasure etc.

The previous books have been full of action, violence, death, betrayal, love and destruction. Morning Star carries on in this vein: hence my exhaustion. Darrow, the Red who infiltrated the Golds, has his final chance to topple the new world order and bring peace and harmony to all people. He needs to find out who he can trust, he needs to convert enemies and he needs to make some hard decisions. After being subjected to three months of torture and nine months of solitary confinement, is he up to the job?

The book is action packed and the reader needs to follow closely – most characters have formal names and nicknames, their allegiances change and their histories are tangled together. The author is careful never to give away too much information – enough to keep the reader involved and enthralled but not enough so that they know what is going to happen. I was reading on a Kindle and I started panicking at ‘85% read’ because things were gong very wrong. I can’t tell you if they went right or not in the end – you must read the book. However, whether the ending is what you wanted or not, or what you expected or not, one thing is for certain – you will close your book with a thumping heart, a mind full of pictures and a horror of the reality of war.

The books need to be read in order – start with Red is Rising and then Golden Son before tackling Morning Star.

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