Moving on to secondary school – what to read over the summer?


secondary school

With the end of the school year approaching, I have drawn up a reading list aimed at students transitioning from primary school to secondary school. In primary school, reading is often heavily supported and it is vital to continue to encourage reading for pleasure among pre-teens, so that they maintain good reading habits into secondary school and beyond.

One way to help with this is to encourage reading over the summer holidays and this list is aimed at providing some guidance and ideas. The list starts with books for less confident readers and then works its way towards more confident readers. Some of these books will contain a more mature story line and, if this is of concern, then please refer to online book reviews or synopses.

The list is not exhaustive – it is a guideline to help you find books or come up with idea. It does not include some of the more fun books that children this age often like to read – Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates etc. It is not that I think children shouldn’t read these books, after all it’s fun to read lighthearted books, it is simply that the list is trying to include books the children may not be aware of or books that should stretch them and, in some cases, expand their horizons.

Don’t forget magazines and comics – The Week Junior is a current affairs magazine aimed at 8-12-year-olds but there are also subject specific magazines (All About History, All About Space, How it Works etc).





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