The Raven King by @mstiefvater

Fourth and final book in The Raven Boys Quartet – magical and lyrical 


The final book in the Raven Boys Quartet follows Blue, Gansey, Adam and Ronan as they battle a force of evil that threatens to destroy Cabeswater and their lives. The search for Glendower continues but the hovering darkness and the danger it promises overshadows everything. New characters come to prominence and the relationships of the four main characters are a core focus of the story.

I always find it hard to pick up a book in a sequel after a gap of months and for the first few pages I was lost, unsure of where I was in the story and what was happening – then the magic of Cabeswater and the author’s lyrical writing drew me in. I remembered longing to know what happened to Blue and Gamsey’s love and how Ronan’s life would pan out. I wasn’t disappointed. The book is infused with magic and trickery and mystery but what I enjoyed the most was the delicate way in which the author wrote about the feelings and actions of Blue, Gansey and Ronan. I even found myself caring for Adam, my least favourite character in the previous books.

This is a book for lovers of fantasy and suspense – the complicated storyline makes it difficult for readers to predict the ending. However, to me, the real beauty is the language, the descriptions, the way a few words conjure up the depth and beauty of the character’s feelings.

The first three books in the series are The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves and Blue Lily, Lily Blue.



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