The Boy Most Likely To by @HuntleyFitz

A good book to add to your summer reading list – out in the UK on June 9th 2016


Tim is a recovering alcoholic, he’s been kicked out of school and out of home and he’s only seventeen. His friend Jase offers him a place to stay in a flat above the family garage. Jase’s family is large, warm and welcoming and facing their own difficulties. It also includes Jase’s older sister, Alice, who is hot and tough and in control. Tim is drawn to Alice but getting involved with her really isn’t a good idea – for Tim or for Alice – especially when Tim’s future is unclear and getting more complicated day by day and Alice is drowning under the stress of helping her family stay afloat.

This is more than a gently love story; it is the story of Tim facing the difficulties in his life, mandoory of his own making, and trying to overcome them. No magic wand comes out to turn Tim’s life round, the story follows him as he mans up and takes responsibility and makes decisions. Alice, too, has to accept that she does not always have to be in control. The story is told alternately by Tim and Alice, slipping easily from one to the other, even within the same scene. The characters in the book are human: normal people with faults and weaknesses which makes them interesting and believable. Families and relationships are a big part of this book too – complcated and confusing and often exhausting. An enjoyable and easy read – it is good to catch up with all the characters from My Life Next Door too.

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